It was pitch dark in my house, and my friend Duke Ellington and I could barely see anything beyond the flashlights from our phones.

“Did you hear that,” said Duke. A shuffling noise came from the hallway, then heavy breathing and saliva gurgling.

I jumped as a chain rattled from the gloom. “What the–” 

“Let’s get out of here!” Duke exclaimed as it rushed toward us.  

We grabbed each other and screamed as out of the shadows lunged…

a cute bulldog.

Sitting at our feet, it panted with a doggie smile only only a dog person would love. 

We grinned with relief.

Too soon.

Crack! The noise knocked us off our feet. The dog’s bones started to shift and its body began to morph into a hideous nightmare. Bigger and bigger it grew, secreting puss and shedding hair and skin. Its mouth stretched wide and snapped at its meal.


“Nooooo!” I screamed and woke myself up. Just a dream, thank god.

My mom yelled up the steps at me. She’d gotten me a gift and it wasn’t even my birthday!

I hurried to see, skidding to a halt.

It’s that same face from my dream. The same bulldog.  

I screamed and ran to Duke’s house.  

~~By Tyler Domask, Class of 2020

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