The Squirrel

With a quick scurry he climbs the oak

Leaving the audience to gaze upon 

The miraculous height of his platform. 

Now quiet please, everyone. Quiet!

With a few peeks at the daunting ground below, 

He studies the neighboring pine, the electric wire strung between.

Concentration fills the atmosphere.

No safety net, no wires to catch him– 

No balance bar if he should slip.

A quick few steps and he pauses, frozen.

But not with fear.

With anticipation. 

With a hop-skip and a jump, he reaches the middle. 

His weight is almost too much, 

Bending the wire like the string of a bow 

One last leap and a shrill gasp from spectators,  

He lands safely on the other end.

With a quick bow,  

The magnificent tight rope runner disappears.

~~By Jason Young, Class of 2020

What Inspiration Does

We all looked up to you,

The one who made it out.

So we wanted to be like you,

Seen and admired in every house.

Then you showed us what it takes,

And some of us began to doubt.

But some stayed.

Calmed their minds, 

stilled their thoughts, 

disciplined their bodies, 

and listened to your wisdom.

Yet in this group of dreamers, 

A bigger dreamer was amidst them.

Someone who clinged to every word that exited your mouth,

Every idea that left your mind.

And, on his own time, he began to start his grind.

His view on life changed and he knew what he wanted from it.

And he planned every day, every night with a great mapping

And he knew, no matter what, his hunger to be great would lead him to the summit.

And with this peace of mind, he was truly happy.

And then you passed away.

And the world mourned your name.

But everything would be okay.

Because when your idols turn idle

And the composer is decomposing

And the athlete is descending from his dunk

And the king bows his head

And the philanthropist is dead.

Your name will live on in the people that you touched.

Rest in Peace Kobe & GiGi Bryant

By Bishop Coleman, Class of 2021

Me, Myself, and I


Athletic, caring, happiness, determined

Sister of Allie, Evan, Kaitlyn

Lover of the Eagles, my puppy, and soccer

Who feels joy playing soccer, nervousness in the dark, and boredom reading bad books

Who needs happiness, kind people, and sports

Who gives laughter, support, and happiness 

Who fears the dark, spiders, and bandits

Who would like to see cancer vanish, equal pay for women, and love for others 

Who lives at the end of the road in a small town

—- Shaw

By Kaylee Shaw, Class of 2023


They renounce her name,

As though they ever owned it,

calling her emotional, liar, attention-seeker,

Asking for it.

As though they would know how to listen

if she spoke.

As though she is not just a woman

weeping for the innocent.

Prejudice turns his back,

teeth filled to the brim with excuses

and laughter. His grin calls her 


She calls home

But the line is no longer in service.

By Marlena Clement, Class of 2019

The Work Thief

All hail the work thief:

The one first in the gym and last to leave.

The one whose thirst for knowledge is forever unquenched

and whose hunger for self-improvement is insatiable.

The boy who loathes laziness.

The girl whose paradise is found in the sweat of track practice.

So all hail the work thieves in the world, endlessly crunching extra hours.

For these are the people who will ask for no credit.

By Bishop Coleman, Class of 2021

Me, Myself, and I

My real name is Alexis Briana Ware.

Yesterday my name was little girl, wasted potential, disrespectful child, not good enough friend, and insecure oddball.

Today my name is alpha female, unstoppable cannon, thick queen, the best friend you could have, and God’s beloved daughter.

Tomorrow my name will be Mrs. My Husband’s Last Name, most influential public figure, Mama, lovely wife, and Legend. 

Secretly I know my name is rejection, insecure, fear, and empty-hearted.

My name once was Dora.

By Alexis B. Ware, Class of 2020

Plight of the Student

Under the covers–

        warm, unbothered, relaxed,

        no stress,

        no assignments–

        no worries in sight. 

My alarm clock–

        cold, soulless, ear-splitting,

        bringer of stress,

        herald of due assignments–

        tranquility replaced by chaos.

By Vinnie Pallotto, Class of 2019