I am athletic, energetic, positive and funny

I have a brother named Kyle and a sister named Celeste

I am a lover of video games, sports and pets 

I feel happy, positive and hopeful

I give to people, the poor and to my parents

I fear the dark, spiders and extremely high heights

I would like to see my grandparents, The Eagles and Puerto Rico

I live next to the park in a small and nice house 


By Austin Forrester, Class of 2023




Organized, outgoing, helpful and honest.

Son of two and friend to many more,

Lover of rainy days, sleep, and soccer.

Who feels bored when alone, joy while with friends, and frustration with failure.

Who needs friends, Friday nights, and success.

Who gives love, laughter, and good advice.

Who fears being alone, spiders, and losing the ones they love most.

Who would like to see New York, straight A’s, and the Eiffel Tower.

Who lives in a suburban home near a bridge above the river.


By Aiden Steward, Class of 2023