Me, Myself, and I


Athletic, caring, happiness, determined

Sister of Allie, Evan, Kaitlyn

Lover of the Eagles, my puppy, and soccer

Who feels joy playing soccer, nervousness in the dark, and boredom reading bad books

Who needs happiness, kind people, and sports

Who gives laughter, support, and happiness 

Who fears the dark, spiders, and bandits

Who would like to see cancer vanish, equal pay for women, and love for others 

Who lives at the end of the road in a small town

—- Shaw

By Kaylee Shaw, Class of 2023

Me, Myself, and I

My real name is Alexis Briana Ware.

Yesterday my name was little girl, wasted potential, disrespectful child, not good enough friend, and insecure oddball.

Today my name is alpha female, unstoppable cannon, thick queen, the best friend you could have, and God’s beloved daughter.

Tomorrow my name will be Mrs. My Husband’s Last Name, most influential public figure, Mama, lovely wife, and Legend. 

Secretly I know my name is rejection, insecure, fear, and empty-hearted.

My name once was Dora.

By Alexis B. Ware, Class of 2020



Humorous, caring, smart, and trustworthy

Sister of Kellyann

Lover of colorguard, books, and music

Who feels calm when listening to music, passionate when performing, and at home      when traveling

Who needs love, smiles, and music 

Who gives love, leadership and advice

Who fears fire, love, and the unknown 

Who would like to see the sun rise on every continent, set in every state, and the Eiffel tower 

Who lives on a homey block in a fat brown house


By Gabriella Gillespie, Class of 2023